You want us to build a website for you, what happens next?

Website Scoping

This is an initial meeting to discuss

  • your aims and requirements
  • your budget
  • provide you with some homework to do
  • provide you with some ideas to think about

From this we will provide an initial quote for the web design, build and hosting, along with a project plan and a proposed site map.

Website Design, Website Build, Website Optimisation

Website Build

We take the layout from the prototype and build the website, with full optimisation, and all the pages decided upon. 

We will also add Google analytics at this point and publish it on your domain.

website testing, website aftercare

Website Aftercare

We provide aftercare for all websites that we are hosting.

We monitor all our websites to ensure that they are within the expected bandwidth limits and upgrade as necessary.

We will respond promptly to sort out any problems identified



Website Build, Website Design, Website Optimisations

Website Design

During this period of the design process, we take your original requirements and the results of your homework.

We then provide a prototype of the page layout.

We work on this together until it has the look and feel that you require.

Website Build, Website Testing

Website Testing

This is a set period of time when you can play with the website before launch, put all your content in and ensure it is exactly what you want. 

At the same time we will also be undertaking system testing to ensure everything in the website work correctly, and submitting the website to the various search engines.

website design, website aftercare, website optimisation

Website Optimisation

We provide advice for keyword selection and we initially optimise the website for your keywords.

We can discuss your website marketing needs and provide advice for further work.

We can also provide a website marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) service and will quote for this service.