Sample Websites

These some of the website designed and hosted for our clients. Click on the image to visit the websites. website image

Sam Storey Boxing

The client wanted to have an uncluttered website with English and Spanish pages and side navigation with a touch of green. The company logo gave the basic starting colour scheme which was expanded to make use of the best on screen colours.

This is a very easy to navigate website, providing all the information in an accessible form. website image

P & P Services

Using the company logo from their previous website this was originally developed with mustard and purple, however this was changed over to the more striking navy and yellow during the design stage.

It was important to present the information without it becoming too much to read. Hence we divided up the text in to boxes with bold headings, allowing easy access to the required information.

What Flavour Website?

These are three sample website designs based on the different fruits from the rotating images on the home page. These show how the same text can be presented in very different ways. Your website will be original design developed especially for you.

Lemon Flavour Website


This design started with the lemon drop picture. The blue colour was taken from the bright part of the water, then complimentary yellows and shades of blue were developed.

The idea here was to have a simple but impacting page.

Apple Flavour Website


This design started with the apple picture where two green shades were taken from the apple image.

Here the website page was to be soothing and restful, with the green tones and very light bluegrass.

The banner is simple but stretches beyond the actual information area of the page to give a sense of continuity to the end of the screen.

Mango Flavour Website


This design started with the mango picture.

Here the thought process was taken from the mango leading to the Caribbean, where the houses side by side are painted different bright colours which somehow seem to go together.